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Ross Geller’s Shark Bit.

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G.I. Jeff — A Real Greendale Hero

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"And you know what? Intellectually, maybe that destination did make sense. Couples do divorce. (It makes sense — maybe the most sense of anything in this finale — that Robin was actually not necessarily in a place to get married to anyone, and that she could be perfectly happy with her career. Part of me hopes that she and Ted date but never move in or marry.) People take years to find themselves, people drift apart and come back together, people die too soon. A great series could tell those stories and lay out those complicated, hard truths. The problem is, that is not the series that How I Met Your Mother was for the previous nine years. It was just the series it tried to force itself to be for its last hour."

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Obviously the plan from the beginning was to have Ted/Robin as endgame (the scene with the kids had to have been filmed back with the pilot) but the story to get there did change. It’s like they wrote the way it felt right to go until last week and then went “oh this is the ending, remember? So no matter what has happened over the past 9 seasons - the ending remains the same and lets ignore everything”


reasons why i have trust issues : bad tv writing 

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how to make a comedy show, a guide by cbs:

  • spend a good part of 9 seasons giving us reasons why a couple shouldn’t be together
  • make that couple endgame
  • introduce a popular female character for the sole purpose of having her shoot out babies and then die

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attention entire HIMYM writing staff



it wasn’t that bad


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meanwhile monica and chandler got a divorce and chandler ends up with rachel. ross died. joey kills paul rudd to be with phoebe.

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